Sports Vision Training Houston Xtreme Vision

Did you know that up to 80% of common athletic mistakes are due to vision errors?

Visual skills are fundamental in every sport and each player must work to enhance their visual skills to maintain peak athletic performance. This can be done through therapy to strengthen areas of eye that have weakened and other times it can be training to improve your reaction and timing beyond the average person.

Bellaire Family Eye Care offers sports vision training through our affiliated Xtreme Vision. Sports vision training works to improve an athlete’s visual skills to improve their athletic performance. Some of the many visual skills it improves are high level eye tracking, depth perception, and hand-eye coordination. We work with each athlete to practice different visual exercises to keep their eye health in peak condition.

Our sports visual testing includes 3 separate visual evaluations using our state-of-the-art technology. Office tests and field tests can both help determine how your eye will function beyond the realm of normal activity. We create a customized program for each athlete to strengthen their vision based on the athlete’s individual needs. If you are interested in what sport training method would be best for you, please call our office today. ¬†We are happy to go over any questions and set up a consultation.