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Visual Tracking Essential for Strong Reading Skills

As our kids are back in school and family routines have adjusted, it’s a good time to look for signs of any vision difficulties your children may be having that affect their learning.  Schools do a pretty good job at screening for distance vision clarity to see the board, but they don’t screen for near vision at all.

Some signs your child may have a vision challenge affecting school work include:

  • Difficulties learning to read across a line of words
  • Poor spacing with writing or difficulties staying on a line
  • Challenges with copying from the board
  • Rubs eyes or complains of headaches at end of school day

There are many more signs, but always best for children to receive a full eye exam to ensure their vision is working properly for the tasks in front of them.  During their exam, we will assess all visual skills needed for early learning and for the demands of high school.  Along with assessing their vision, eye health, and possible need for glasses, we include in their exam an assessment of visual tracking with our Dynamic Vision Brain EyeQ tester.  Below are examples showing eye movement records:

Reading Visual Assessment Houston

Eye Tracking Assessment Houston

This is a great way to understand how your child is tracking and how to help them.

Wishing all students and families a successful and happy 2022-2023 school year!

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