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Tips To Prevent and Treat Dry Eyes

There are many factors that can cause painful dry eyes. It could be caused by pollution, allergies, and even simply your age. After age 40, women see a reduction in tear production that goes along with the typical hormonal changes.

Just because you’re faced with these challenges does not mean you must surrender to painful dry eyes. Here are a few tips to help you prevent and treat dry eyes.

1. Use Tears Liberally
Use artificial tears as often as you like; doctors say that most people underuse artificial tears. “You can use them as often as needed. From once or twice a day to every 20 minutes,” says Dr. Monica. These over-the-counter drops will cleanse your eyes and restore the right kind of tears.

2. Moisten your eyes before blow-drying your hair
To keep from drying your eyes along with your tresses, use artificial tears before and after you blow-dry, says Dr. Monica. For extra measure, moisten your eyes halfway through too.

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