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Daily Vision Vlog: Tips for Contact Lenses During Virtual Learning

Dr. Tucker gives our subscribers tips for contact lenses during virtual learning. It is very important to have a stable, healthy tear layer. A tear layer is a layer of tears sitting on the outside of the eye. The tear layer is especially important when wearing contacts because it has to lubricate both the eye and the contact lens.

To keep your tear layer healthy during high computer use, it is important to blinking a lot. Most people tend to blink 50% less when they are using the computer. Make sure you blink as much as possible to help lubricate your eyes and contact lenses. If you don’t blink enough your contact lens will start to dry out, which causes that gritty, sandy, burning feeling in your eyes.

Dr. Tucker recommends keeping a bottle of lubricating drops/Artificial Tears next to your computer to use throughout the day to keep your eyes lubricated. There are many different eye drops to choose from at the store. Make sure to choose the wetting drops that say they are specifically designed to use with contact lenses. Avoid dry eye drops as those can ruin your contact lenses.

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