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Dr. Kazmi Houston Dry Eye Specialist

Daily Vision Vlog: Relax Your Eyes

Dr. Kazmi explains why a certain type of eye mask is good for your eyes. This special eye mask, also known as a warm compress, is good for preventing dry eye symptoms and giving your eyes a chance to relax after long hours on a computer screen. This warm compress can be placed in the […]

Dr. Kazmi Houston Dry Eye Specialist

Daily Vision Vlog: Dry Eye Prevention

Today Dr. Kazmi discusses dry eye associated with device use. With adults working from home and children transitioning to virtual learning, dry eye related symptoms are at an all time high due to an increase in device use. Symptoms of dry eye can include, gritty/burning sensation, fluctuating vision, tearing and fatigue. Dr. Kazmi recommends these […]

Dry Eye and COVID 19

COVID-19: Electronic Device Use and the Surge in Dry Eye Syndrome

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly increased screen-time for us all- and it doesn’t look like this will be changing any time soon. What used to be common, everyday interactions have become virtual meetings. Work, school, religious services, and even “hanging out” with friends are now done staring at a screen. Rightfully so, with more electronic […]

Lipiflow Houston

LipiFlow, A Revolutionary Dry Eye Treatment

Bellaire Family Eye Care is now offering a breakthrough treatment for dry eye sufferers! Evaporative dry eye is the leading cause of dry eye disease, and is predominately caused by blocked oil glands leading to a deficiency of the tear film. Overtime, dry eye disease can lead to damage on the eye surface and impact […]

Dry Eyes in Winter

‘Tis the Season for Dry, Irritated Eyes!

Winter climates often bring windy conditions outdoors and heat radiating indoors – conditions that promote evaporation of tears from the ocular surface at a pace too rapid for the glands producing tears to effectively keep up with. The result is pain, irritation, blurred vision, itchy eyes, and even reflexive tearing in response to excessive dryness. […]

Dry Eye Sjogren’s Syndrome Houston

Dry Eye Disease and Sjogren’s Syndrome

Sjogren’s Syndrome is an autoimmune condition in which white blood cells attack and destroy glands responsible for keeping the eyes, mouth, and other areas of the body well-lubricated. Although the disease can develop in anyone, it is more prevalent in Caucasian women, and typically diagnosed between the ages of 40-60. There are two forms of […]

Scleral Lens Houston

Scleral Lenses – A Fluid Reservoir

Practitioners are constantly looking for methods to manage dry eye symptoms in contact lens wearers WITHOUT resorting to full-time wear of glasses. As previously discussed, corneal refractive therapy (CRT) lenses can provide an ideal solution. However, not everyone is a candidate for these lenses. CRT lenses are typically used for low to moderate myopic (nearsighted) […]

Dry Eye Houston

Night Armor-Combat Dry Eye In Your Sleep

Many dry eye patients often discontinue contact lens wear due to discomfort or end-of-the-day dryness. If you find your eyes feeling tired or irritated or find yourself unable to wear contact lenses for a full day, consider corneal refractive therapy (CRT) lenses. Soft contact lenses disrupt the tear-film, leading to ocular surface dryness and lens […]

Dry Eye Specialist Houston

Dry Eye In The Blink Of An Eye

With the use of digital devices at an all-time high, the effects of screen time on dry eye disease can literally be summarized in the blink of an eye. Blinking serves as a form of protection-it is our body’s way of naturally cleansing our eyes of debris. It also leads to the production of new […]

Dry Eye Specialist Houston - Bellaire Family Eye Care


Severe dry eye disease that is chronic and unresponsive to first and second-line treatments can lead to keratopathy, or damage to the corneal surface. Amniotic membranes, tissue derived from the inner-layer of the fetal membrane, contains anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that promote corneal healing. A temporary, suture-less graft is applied to the corneal surface- similarly […]

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