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Suntan Lotion For Your Eyes

You put suntan lotion on your skin when you go out in the sun for the day, right?
Well if you believe that suntan lotion protects your skin from harmful UV, you should be putting on blue light-blocking eyeglass lenses when at the computer! Blue light is the wavelength that is adjacent to UVA, they are literally separated by a few nanometers. The only difference is that UV is invisible and blue light is visible. So think about putting on Crizal Prevencia lenses, “sunscreen for your eyes”, next time you are at the computer.
Everyone can benefit from Crizal Prevencia
Here are the people who can benefit most from Crizal Prevencia.
1.     Children who spend time on electronic devices such as iPads / iPhones
2.     Computer software engineers
3.     Web designers
4.     Call center staff
5.     Accountants
6.     Sales reps
7.     Patients who have undergone cataract surgery – without their old, yellow ocular lens, their retinas are especially susceptible to blue light
8.    Those spending time on the computer for greater than 4 hours / day
9.    Those having trouble with nighttime glare
10.  College students
11.  Patients that have a family history in, or are predisposed to retinal diseases such as age-related macular degeneration
-Alex De La Cruz