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Daily Vision Vlog: Retinal Anatomy & Blue Light

Dr. Voss teaches our viewers retinal anatomy and how our eyes work to filter out different light that can be harmful to your eyes. Blue light can cause eye strain which is why students doing virtual learning might be noticing issues with their eyes during this time.

The great thing about our eyes is they are designed to filter out most of the harmful rays. Our goal for each of our patients is that they keep their eyes healthy and comfortable during this time. If you are having discomfort or any challenges with your vision, please give us a call at (713) 664-8087.

For information about Vision Therapy, visit: https://www.visionlearningcenter.com/.

To learning more about Sports Vision Training, visit: https://www.xtremevisiontraining.com/.

You can find all our Daily Vision Vlogs on the website here or by visiting our YouTube channel.