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Proud Partners of Treehouse Eyes

Myopia Care For Kids Houston

We would like to share some exciting news!

We are expanding our myopia management for children by partnering with Treehouse Eyes, the leader in pediatric myopia management!

The incidence of myopia, which causes blurry distance vision, in children is rapidly growing and research points to a lack of outdoor time, increased use of digital devices, and prolonged time of near work (reading and studying) as the main drivers. While kids can wear glasses to compensate for their blurry distance vision, glasses don’t treat the underlying cause of the nearsightedness, an eye growing too long. With glasses alone, a child’s prescription may continue to get worse and their risk of serious eye diseases associated with higher myopia goes up significantly.  We have recently installed a very sophisticated piece of technology that can painlessly and quickly measure the length of your child’s eye. This is a key measurement we use to help determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your child.

Treatments for myopia are non-surgical and include customized contact lenses as well as special prescription eye drops. After a myopia consultation with you and your child, our doctors will determine the best treatment method for them.

Call our office at (713)664-8087 to schedule this appointment. We are excited to offer this new service to you and your family!