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Macular Degeneration

If you or a loved one has macular degeneration, you know how frustrating it is. There is no cure and causes are environmental and genetic. There are habits recommended by The American Macular Degeneration Foundation that can help ensure healthy eyes.

  1. Do not smoke
  2. Eat fruit and plenty of leafy green vegetables, such as kale
  3. Eat fish high in omega 3 fatty acids once or twice a week.
  4. Avoid partially hydrogenated fats like coconut or palm oils and use olive, canola, and flaxseed oil in moderation
  5. Maintain normal blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  6. Maintain a healthy weight
  7. Exercise daily
  8. Wear sunglasses and a hat in bright sun to protect your eyes from harmful UV light and blue light
  9. If you have any symptoms of macular degeneration or have a family history of it, take supplements which include lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamins C,D and E, zinc and omega 3s.

Our doctors specialize in prevention of eye disease and the management of macular degeneration to minimize its effects on your vision.

-Marilyn Domingue

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