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Daily Vision Vlog: Is Vision Affected by Hand Dominance?

On today’s vlog, Dr. Moore answers the frequently asked question: Are there visual concerns for a left-handed person? The short answer is: Yes, but there are things you can do to make it easier for their visual development.

First, a left-handed person visually needs to have their body at more of a slant. It is normal and natural for them to tilt their paper. This is because left-handed people are writing over what they see. Writing is typically slightly slower to develop for a left-handed child.

During visual motor activities, having children copy letters, shapes and numbers is common. For lefties, try writing what they need to copy on the right side of the page. That way, their writing hand isn’t covering up what they need to copy.

The good news is that people who are left-handed use both sides of their brain more. It is important that left-handed children are given tools early on to help them be successful as they develop their visual skills.

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