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How To Improve Your Habits to Healthy Eyes in 2017

We are constantly using our eyes – work, school, watching T.V., reading a book… When we are relaxing we are still using our eyes.  So take time to improve your habits to healthy eyes. Eat foods that are good for your eyes…Important vitamins, minerals & antioxidants found in foods can strengthen your eyesight. To mention a few…

  • Beta-carotene, lutein & lycopene found in carrots help to protect the eyes from sun damage & UVB radiation.
  • Citrus fruits & juices rich in Vitamin C helps protect the eyes against infection & diseases.
  • Green leafy vegetables like cabbage, spinach & kale that contain antioxidants, vitamin A and other nutrients help protect eyes from problems like cataracts.
  • Salmon, tuna, sardines & mackerel contain Omega-3 fatty acids which, improves memory & brain functions.
  • Eggs, grapes and dark berries are a good source of zinc & other minerals that help increase proper vision.

So eat healthy, make your work environment comfortable, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, use proper lighting and give your eyes frequent breaks.

-Sue Brill

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