5001 Bissonnet St #107
Bellaire, TX 77401


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HoustonFit Running and Walking Club

Well it’s July in Houston, Texas and the last thing most of you are thinking about is running outside! However, I welcome you all to reconsider. Vision and eye health are most supported by oxygen. Good ole’ O2 primarily enters our bodies by breathing and our heart pumps the new wonderful oxygen throughout our whole body. With walking or running, our hearts beat faster and we take in more oxygen and all our cells are happier – including our eye cells. For people with a little too much weight or blood sugar or blood pressure, a little exercise is better for you than any medicine. So I invite any of you to join me and HoustonFit running and walking club to reach new heights in fitness. There are many running/walking clubs in Houston – this is simply the one I am involved with and have been for 5 years. In six months, HoustonFit can help you go from a low energy level to the ability to walk/jog/run a half a marathon by January 2015! And you can make friends and have fun at the same time. Whether you’re walking or running – you start slow and gain stamina and momentum over time. Please join me and HoustonFit onTuesday July 1st at Luke’s Locker on West Gray at 7:00 for a registration party – or visit the organization online at houstonfit.com. May the second half of 2014 be a time of health and fun for you!

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