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Daily Vision Vlog: Dry Eye Prevention

Today Dr. Kazmi discusses dry eye associated with device use. With adults working from home and children transitioning to virtual learning, dry eye related symptoms are at an all time high due to an increase in device use. Symptoms of dry eye can include, gritty/burning sensation, fluctuating vision, tearing and fatigue.

Dr. Kazmi recommends these preventative measures that can help prevent dry eye:

1. Your computer monitor should be 20-26″ away from your face at a height that is just below eye level.

2. Avoid putting your computer directly in front of or behind a window. If this is unavoidable, we recommend installing blinds to help reduce glare from external light sources.

3. Hydration is key. Dehydration is a key cause of dry eye so it is important to keep a water source near your workstation so you drink plenty of water throughout the day.

4. Air quality also plays a role in dry eye. You want to avoid putting your workstation underneath or in front of a fan or A/C vent. A humidifier is a great option for adding moisture to the air.

5. Take lots of breaks to give your eyes a rest. During your rest, make sure to close your eyes and blink to help remoisten your eyes.

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