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Daily Vision Vlog: Digital Usage and Focusing

Digital device usage is at an all-time high for older children and young adults due to virtual learning combined with social media use. In today’s vlog, Dr. Voss discusses how this can affect your eye’s focusing skill.

For example, after you have been on the computer for a while, and you look up at something at a distance, you might notice everything at a distance is blurry. This is called accommodative spasms. This is a sign that your eyes are fatigued and working too hard which is affecting your ability to see well at a distance.

Throughout your day, make sure to keep notes for how well you can see, both while you are working on your computer and how well your vision is afterward. The optometrists at Bellaire Family Eye Care can find a solution to help fix the visual problems you are having. Call us to schedule your annual eye exam at (713) 664-8087.

You can find all our Daily Vision Vlogs on the website here or by visiting our YouTube channel.

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