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Recruiting For A New Nearsightedness (Myopia) Study

Bellaire Family Eye Care is currently seeking children ages 7-12 to participate in an innovative new contact lens study on nearsightedness (myopia). 

Research has shown that early onset of nearsightedness can have both short- and long-term impacts. In the short term, it can impact a child academically. In the long term, it can potentially lead to risks to eye health.

  • This study will evaluate a daily disposable contact lens designed to slow myopia progression.  
  • The total time commitment for study participants is approximately 18 hours, consisting of nine visits over the course of three years.
  • Patients will be compensated for their time with free daily disposable contact lenses for use during the study, free eye exams, plus up to $200 towards the cost of a pair of spectacles. 
  • Please note these eligibility requirements to see if your child may be eligible to participate in the study. 


Eligibility Criteria


Is your child between the ages of 7-12 years old?

Must be YES to be eligible

Was your child born later than 30 weeks or weighed more than 1500g (3.3 lbs.) at birth?

Must be YES to be eligible

Does your child wear glasses or contact lenses? If so, what is their prescription? 

IF YES, the prescription must be between -0.75 and -5.00DS, with 1.00D or less astigmatism. The prescription must be similar (<1.00DS) between the two eyes. If you do not know your child’s prescription, the study doctor can check that at first visit.

Has your child ever worn contact lenses or glasses specifically for myopia control treatment or participated in previous myopia control research?

Must be NO to be eligible

Has your child ever worn rigid or hard contact lenses or any orthokeratology lenses?

Must be NO to be eligible


Patient information will remain confidential and will be securely stored at the clinic and will not be shared with the sponsor or used for another study.

Should you have any questions regarding the details of the study please contact:

Study Coordinator

Dr. Ashley Tucker



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