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Contact Lens Specialist – Dr. Ashley Tucker

Dr. Ashley Tucker of Bellaire Family Eye Care in Houston, TX delivers an incredibly comfortable contact lens fit that is also optimized for vision.

Dr. Tucker has an exceptionally successful management track record:

  • Evaluating patients with a wide range of irregular corneal conditions
  • Evaluating patients with a wide range of ocular surface diseases
  • Fitting such patients comfortably and effectively in contact lenses

Dr. Tucker has expertise in Universal Fit Technology which is utilized in the Europa Scleral Lens, one of the several contact lens products in the technological forefront in which she has expertise and triumph.

The healthy corneal fit which goes hand-in-hand with patient comfort are always part of Dr. Tucker’s objectives. The custom, quality lens manufacturing of the Europa Scleral Lens helps Dr. Tucker achieve this with many patients who have previously had trouble wearing contacts or were afraid to try due to their eye disease or condition.

Custom, crafted lenses are often a huge part of the equation to fit patients properly with contacts. Specifically individuals who have been unable to tolerate or try contact lenses in the past. Dr. Tucker knows this very well. And, she knows which products to consider for her patients for whom she always is evaluating for overall eye health.

The Europa Scleral reduces the density, or firmness, of the lens through its enhanced profile construct that includes a special four curve peripheral design. As Houston’s specialty contact lens expert, Dr. Tucker knows who can benefit from this design and technological breakthrough. She knows that which lens will be friendlier to her patient’s eyes given their particular circumstances. So, if the Europa Scleral is not the remedy, Dr. Tucker will know which of the contact lens products, eye treatments, or combination of both is the remedy.

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