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Combining Nutrients with Vision Therapy

Most ophthalmologists and optometrists as well as professionals in nursing, psychology, rehabilitation and social work recommend the use of vision therapy to improve vision skills and coordination.

Different forms of vision therapy have been around for centuries; however, the modern application of vision therapy was first started as a treatment for strabismus. By the late 20th century, vision therapy had become increasingly popular with optometrists and medical personnel to improve overall vision. By the early 21st century, optometrists were using the therapy to control a range of medical problems.

Currently different vision therapies are used in clinical practice. Optometrists may recommend orthoptic vision therapy, visual integration vision therapy or perception therapy depending on the patient’s condition and symptoms as well as age. However, before vision therapy can be started, a complete medical evaluation and a comprehensive ophthalmic evaluation are required. Most ophthalmologists also do believe that vision therapy is effective and do believe that vision exercises are useful to improve binocular vision rather than monocular vision or other medical conditions.

There is much to be learned about the use of combining nutrients and vitamins as supplements along with vision therapy to treat ophthalmic conditions. Research is increasing as positive results are also increasing. Most researchers believe that additional research and hard proof will further convince many in the medical field outside of ophthalmology and optometry about the effectiveness of these treatment options.

Bellaire Family Eye Care (BFE) is a group of three licensed doctors with specialization in various areas of vision therapy, neuro-optometry and behavioral-optometry as well as vitamins for the eyes and Sports Vision Training.