5001 Bissonnet St #107
Bellaire, TX 77401

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Cheers to 20 Years

Twenty years-ago on November 8, 1998, Bellaire Family Eye Care opened its doors for the first time and began serving the community of Bellaire and the greater Houston area. We have been blessed to serve this community and its’ diverse population throughout these 20 years. The countless number of patients I call friends, the team of co-workers I consider family, the vendors who support our clinic, our physicians we co-manage with, and our building neighbors, all make it possible for Bellaire Family Eye Care to be the best it can be.

We have grown from myself and three staff members on opening day, to a clinic with three additional extraordinary eye doctors, all with their own gifts and specialties, and 23 exceptional staff members in Bellaire Family Eye Care, the Vision Learning Center and Xtreme Vision. We served 1,500 patients our first year and now care for over 10,000 patients a year. Our Vision Learning Center, which serves children and adults with functional or neurological visual challenges, has grown from providing 500 vision therapy sessions per year, to over 6,000 per year. Xtreme Vision provides one-on-one customized sports vision training to both professional and amateur athletes. We are pleased to see how fast it is growing and watch each athletes’ talent flourish with each training session. We are so blessed by this growth, but the only thing that really matters is that we care for each person who’s sitting in front of us.

Our ultimate goal is to help each and every patient see the very best they can and to keep their eyes healthy and comfortable for a lifetime. With Dr. Marcia Moore’s guidance at our Neurosensory Center and Vision Learning Center, we serve patients with special educational and developmental needs. We help each patient be more successful in school and life. Our contact lens clinic, led by Dr. Ashley Tucker, is the best in the city, with her expertise in fitting irregularly shaped corneas and using contacts to improve vision and eye health. Our newest associate, Dr. Aamena Kazmi, has added her knowledge and expertise in treating dry eye disease to our specialty areas of service. Our optical department, led by our experienced opticians and frame stylists, can fill very complex prescriptions and find frames for patients of all ages and sizes. Our staff led by Office Manager Sue Brill, Clinic Manager Kim Pedersen, and Vision Learning Center Manager Joseph Wakeland, are all a true joy to work with and all very committed to making a positive difference for each and every patient.

I am so truly proud of our office and grateful for the trust and faith our patients have given us over these 20 years. We strive to learn and grow to serve more each year. We are truly grateful for our Bellaire Family Eye Care community. Thank you for being part of our family.

Dr. Ann Voss