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A sanit-EYE-zed visit every step of the way!

Just a reminder that we have our patients’ health and safety in mind ALWAYS! We want to assure you that it has always been our commitment to keep our office clean and disinfected and our equipment sanitized immediately before and after each use to prevent the spread of germs from one patient to another. Thank […]


Atropine for Myopia Control

Our last, and arguably most effective, method of myopia management is Atropine. Atropine is a pharmaceutical drop traditionally used for dilation. Extensive research has found that administering VERY diluted concentrations of this drop can drastically slow, and in some cases stop, myopia progression. The very small concentration used does not typically prompt the adverse effects […]

Myopia Control Soft Contact Lenses

Myopia Management: The Brilliant BIFOCAL

Hopefully, you have read Dr. Aamena Kazmi’s blog about orthokeratology and how it works to slow down myopia progression. If not, you should definitely check it out. This blog is all about how we use BIFOCAL soft contact lenses to manage myopia. That’s right, you didn’t misread it…I said BIFOCALs. This is the exact same […]

How OrthoK works

Orthokeratology: The Magic Mold

Orthokeratology, simply known as Ortho-K, is gaining popularity. The best part about it is that it offers a 2-in-1 solution: it corrects your vision AND helps slow down the rate of nearsightedness progression. To begin, let’s understand what Ortho-K is: Ortho-K involves sleeping in a specially designed mold that looks like a contact lens. As […]

Myopia Causes

Myopia Treatment: The Traditional Route

Before we discuss methods that DO slow down myopia progression, we must first discuss methods that do NOT slow it down. In fact, some of these methods may actually PROMOTE  myopia progression. Eek! Let’s start with the most common: single vision spectacles. This is what most of us “myopes” were prescribed the first time we […]

Myopia Macular Degeneration Treatment

PSA: Myopia Control & Why It Matters

Addressing myopia (nearsightedness) progression is crucial among pediatric and adolescent patients (your kiddos!) since they are still in their developmental years – a period of time when the eyes are undergoing changes and growing. Without intervention, high prescriptions and higher susceptibility to sight-threatening diseases can result over time! People who are myopic have longer eyeballs. […]

What Causes Myopia or Nearsightedness

What Causes Myopia?

This week, I wanted to dive deeper into how someone becomes nearsighted. Typically, myopia develops between 8 to 16 years of age and increases until 20-25 years. While progression rates can vary widely, rate of increase is typically rapid at first and slows down over time. Early onset of myopia is linked to a longer […]

Myopia Doctor Houston

Myopia: The low down

Most people have some level of prescription. In fact, approximately 30% of the world’s population has myopia and 60% has hyperopia. That leaves only 10% of the population with emmetropia or no prescription at all. What a lucky group! You may have noticed that you don’t hear much about hyperopia and the impact it can […]

July is UV Safety Month—Celebrate by Protecting Your Eyes

July is UV Safety Month—Celebrate by Protecting Your Eyes

While the sun provides us with many benefits and supports our life, its ultraviolet rays can be harmful and damaging to our bodies, primarily our skin and eyes. Over time, exposure to two types of UV rays can lead to macular degeneration and some kinds of cataracts, both of which affect your vision. UV-A rays […]