New Study Confirms Neurobiological Origin Of Attention Deficit Disorder

A new discovery has been made about the origins of Attention Deficit Disorder. News Medical has the story. A study, carried out on mice, has just confirmed the neurobiological origin of attention-deficit disorder (ADD), a syndrome whose causes are poorly understood. Researchers from CNRS, the University of Strasbourg and INSERM1 have identified a cerebral structure, the […]


Singer Nick Lachey Talks About Brother With Asperger Syndrome

Singer and television personality, Nick Lachey, is heading up the 5th annual Lindt Gold Bunny Celebrity Auction to raise money and awareness about Autism. Lachey told People Magazine he has a 19-year old brother who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome at age 9. Zac, who lives with their mom Cate in Cincinnati, was diagnosed when he […]

These Autism Simulations Help You Feel What It’s Like

Mashable has an interesting collection of autism simulations to help you get a sense of what autism is like. All 5 of the simulations were created by people with autism based on how each of them experience life. “Sensory hypersensitivity” and “sensory overload” are the simulations below. What is autism? Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) describes […]

Vitamins For Eyes Are Important

We always think about taking vitamins to promote a variety of good health effects. One part of the body we often leave off the list are the eyes. Vitamins for eyes are just as important. Shouldn’t eye health be important to you? With age comes a natural deterioration of eyesight. Taking the right vitamins for […]

How Vision Therapy Can Help Kids With Autism

Parents looking to help their autistic child would not normally think of an eye doctor as the first place to go, but maybe they should. Vision Therapy could be just the answer! Dr. Graebe is a behavioral optometrist whose practice specializes in Vision Therapy, a kind of physical therapy for the eyes, body and brain. […]

Vision and Sound Out Of Sync For Some Kids With Autism

Everyone knows how annoying it is to watch a TV show and experience the picture and sound being out of sync. The lips are moving but it’s not synced with what is being said. According to a new study some kids with autism may be experiencing out of sync vision and sound on a daily […]

5 Foods You Think Are Healthy But Really Aren’t

There are many foods we eat every day that we think are healthy and are told are healthy and just seem like they should be healthy. Sadly, they are not. 1. Energy Bars – Since you buy them in the health food section they must be good for you, right? WRONG. Eaten properly as part […]

For Healthy Eyes Focus On Nutrition

One of the best ways to promote healthy eyes is through proper nutrition. That means more than just eating a bunch of carrots! Here are some of the foods you should be eating. Wild Trout This fatty fish is king when it comes to omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s were found to be essential to retina […]

Tips To Prevent and Treat Dry Eyes

There are many factors that can cause painful dry eyes. It could be caused by pollution, allergies, and even simply your age. After age 40, women see a reduction in tear production that goes along with the typical hormonal changes. Just because you’re faced with these challenges does not mean you must surrender to painful […]

This Exists: Contact Lenses That Work Like Telescopes

It may sound like science fiction but this is actually real! A research facility in Switzerland has created a pair of contact lenses with four tiny aluminum mirrors inside them. The mirrors magnify light passing through the lenses, making images appear 2.8X larger – just like a telescope! [Read the full story at Popular Science]

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