Autism and Visual Therapy with a Behavioral Optometrist

Improved vision and confidence are two of the biggest benefits of seeing a behavioral optometrist A behavioral optometrist uses visual therapy to help people process and integrate visual information when they have difficulty doing so efficiently. For example, many patients will be asked to follow an object with their eyes, but they find it difficult to […]

Houston Area Eye Doctors in Bellaire Can Help To Protect Vision

Vision is one of the most important of faculties granted to humankind, and it is of great importance in every aspect of life. So it makes it imperative if you are living in Houston, Texas that you seek out the best of Houston eye doctors to attend to any problems that you have concerning your […]

Contact Lens Specialist – Dr. Ashley Tucker

Dr. Ashley Tucker of Bellaire Family Eye Care in Houston, TX delivers an incredibly comfortable contact lens fit that is also optimized for vision. Dr. Tucker has an exceptionally successful management track record: Evaluating patients with a wide range of irregular corneal conditions Evaluating patients with a wide range of ocular surface diseases Fitting such […]

Dr. Tucker – Vision Correction Contact Lens Specialist

Dr. Tucker – Vision Correction Contact Lens Specialist Unfortunately, there are patients that have not had vision correction success in wearing contact lenses. Generally, that is because they have not been examined and evaluated by Dr. Tucker – vision correction contact lens specialist. What do they all have in common? They should make an appointment […]

Visual Therapy and Autism

There are thousands of adults and children who have been diagnosed with autism, and they (or their loved ones) do not know that autism and vision are closely linked to one another. In other words, vision can play a huge role in how kids and adults with autism behave. There are a few reasons why […]

The Contact Lens Specialist Optometrist

Optometrists provide a vital supportive role in the community. Not only can an optometrist who is a contact lens specialist assess the need and appropriateness for contact lenses as well as prescribe and fit contact lenses, but they can also diagnose and treat a variety of eye diseases. An optometrist can provide a vital primary […]

Better Nutrition for Eyes through Vitamins

Nutrition for Eyes • Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene — Wound healing is improved with vitamin A and it helps with night vision as well. Combining vitamin A with beta-carotene vitamins for eyes can work synergistically to boost wound healing and eye health. • Vitamin B — Complex — The entire vitamin B family can work […]

Conserve Eyesight with the Right Vitamins for Eyes

Losing one of your limbs or senses is difficult and that is an understatement. Losing your eyesight can be like being dropped into an everlasting pit of blackness. You may not realize it, but all your senses work together to create a sensory experience of the world. Sight, in particular, is vitally important and it […]

Neuro Optometry and Behavioral Optometry

Most people know Optometry deals with the eyes but relatively few are aware of Neuro-Optometry and Behavioral Optometry which are extended studies of Optometry. Head injury and a person’s perception of their eyesight operate uniquely on the sight. The use of research and computer technology is changing the way eye therapy is designed. Surgical transplants […]

Combining Nutrients with Vision Therapy

Most ophthalmologists and optometrists as well as professionals in nursing, psychology, rehabilitation and social work recommend the use of vision therapy to improve vision skills and coordination. Different forms of vision therapy have been around for centuries; however, the modern application of vision therapy was first started as a treatment for strabismus. By the late […]

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