Common Contact Lens Mistakes

Common Contact Lens Mistakes

It’s more common than you might think for contact lens wearers to make mistakes when it comes to caring for their eyes. While these mistakes may seem insignificant, they can have serious repercussions. One contact lens wearer tragically ended up blind after wearing her contact lenses for six months straight. The amoeba Acanthamoeba Keratitis began […]

Lipiflow Houston

LipiFlow, A Revolutionary Dry Eye Treatment

Bellaire Family Eye Care is now offering a breakthrough treatment for dry eye sufferers! Evaporative dry eye is the leading cause of dry eye disease, and is predominately caused by blocked oil glands leading to a deficiency of the tear film. Overtime, dry eye disease can lead to damage on the eye surface and impact […]

Five eye health approved foods for your holiday feast

Five Eye Health Approved Foods for Your Holiday Feast

Eye health is one of those things that many of us don’t really think about while planning a holiday feast. But since just about everything in our life relies on having accurate vision, it’s safe to say that eating eye health-focused foods should be a priority. Yet that brings the question, what foods actually support […]

Dry Eyes in Winter

‘Tis the Season for Dry, Irritated Eyes!

Winter climates often bring windy conditions outdoors and heat radiating indoors – conditions that promote evaporation of tears from the ocular surface at a pace too rapid for the glands producing tears to effectively keep up with. The result is pain, irritation, blurred vision, itchy eyes, and even reflexive tearing in response to excessive dryness. […]

Keratoconus Facts & Infographic | Houston Keratoconus treatment

What is Keratoconus?

World Keratoconus Day, November 10th, was established to help raise awareness about the effect keratoconus has on the people diagnosed with keratoconus, their family and friends. What is keratoconus? Keratoconus is a degenerative condition in which the cornea becomes progressively thinner causing a cone-like bulge to develop.  Symptoms can include blurred vision, sensitivity to light, […]

What Exactly Are Tears

What Exactly Are Tears?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you cry? Or, what your tears are made up of? Tears are salty fluids made up of mucus, oil and water. They flow down the surface of the eye and across the face. Tear production is not necessarily a result of crying or of emotional distress. Tears also […]

Cheers to 20 Years

Twenty years-ago on November 8, 1998, Bellaire Family Eye Care opened its doors for the first time and began serving the community of Bellaire and the greater Houston area. We have been blessed to serve this community and its’ diverse population throughout these 20 years. The countless number of patients I call friends, the team of […]

Dry Eye Sjogren’s Syndrome Houston

Dry Eye Disease and Sjogren’s Syndrome

Sjogren’s Syndrome is an autoimmune condition in which white blood cells attack and destroy glands responsible for keeping the eyes, mouth, and other areas of the body well-lubricated. Although the disease can develop in anyone, it is more prevalent in Caucasian women, and typically diagnosed between the ages of 40-60. There are two forms of […]

Treatment of Amblyopia, Lazy Eye, or Strabismus

Treatment of Amblyopia, Lazy Eye, or Strabismus

Amblyopia is a medical condition that is commonly referred to as lazy eye. A person with amblyopia will have decreased vision in one or both eyes. This is usually caused in infancy or in childhood due to abnormal development in the eye or eyes. Generally, only one eye is affected, but there are rare cases […]

When To Get New Glasses

When To Get New Glasses

You may have had your glasses for years and still be able to see fairly clearly out of them. Because your glasses are helping your eyesight, you may not realize that the condition of your eyes have changed. Changes are often gradual and hard to notice. This is why it is important to continue getting […]

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