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Daily Vision Vlog: Is Vision Affected by Hand Dominance?

On today’s vlog, Dr. Moore answers the frequently asked question: Are there visual concerns for a left-handed person? The short answer is: Yes, but there are things you can do to make it easier for their visual development. First, a left-handed person visually needs to have their body at more of a slant. It is […]

Sports Vision Training Exercise

Daily Vision Vlog: Sports Vision Training Fixation Exercise

  In today’s video, Dr. Voss reviews how your vision affects athletic performance and what you can do about it. Your sports performance can be improved by improving the sports vision skills needed for your particular sport through sports vision training. Whether you are a professional athlete or just starting a sport, everyone can improve […]

How Does Blue Light Affect Vision

Daily Vision Vlog: How Does Blue Light Affect Vision?

In today’s Daily Vision Vlog, Dr. Voss discusses blue light and how it affects your vision. Blue light comes from computer screens and digital devices and can affect your eyes. Too much blue light exposure can cause fatigue, migraines, and eye strain. Blue light can also suppress the melatonin production in your body which can […]

Eye Exercises While Learning From Home

Daily Vision Vlog: Elementary School Learning At-Home Set Up

  In today’s Daily Vision Vlog, Dr. Voss shows you how to properly set up your student’s work area to keep their eyes healthy while learning from home.  Here are 4 set up tips: Table Height – It is important that the table is at the proper height for your student. Screen Position – The […]

Daily Vision Vlog: Healthy Eyes for At-Home Learning and Working

Bellaire Family Eye Care and the Vision Learning Center present our new Daily Vision Vlog. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel to follow along as we teach you how to keep your eyes healthy whether you are an at-home student or working from home. Click here for today’s eye activity to keep your eye’s strong […]

Corneal Scars & Scleral Lenses

Corneal scars can occur due to a variety of different reasons including injuries, infections, or complications from surgery. Above is a picture of a patient who has a corneal scar because of a severe infection from the Herpes Simplex virus. One day she saw perfectly out of this eye and the next day, she developed […]

Dry Eye and COVID 19

COVID-19: Electronic Device Use and the Surge in Dry Eye Syndrome

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly increased screen-time for us all- and it doesn’t look like this will be changing any time soon. What used to be common, everyday interactions have become virtual meetings. Work, school, religious services, and even “hanging out” with friends are now done staring at a screen. Rightfully so, with more electronic […]

A sanit-EYE-zed visit every step of the way!

Just a reminder that we have our patients’ health and safety in mind ALWAYS! We want to assure you that it has always been our commitment to keep our office clean and disinfected and our equipment sanitized immediately before and after each use to prevent the spread of germs from one patient to another. Thank […]

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