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Hybrid Contact Lenses: The BEST of Both Worlds

Imagine a contact lens that has the comfort of a soft lens but the sharp acuity of a rigid gas permeable lens. You may think that this is not even possible, but it is! This type of lens is called a hybrid contact lens and is exclusively manufactured by SynergEyes. A hybrid contact lens consists […]

Scleral Lenses: What’s the BIG deal?

For the past few years, scleral lenses have been in a hot topic in the contact lens world. There are national conferences solely dedicated to learning how to fit these specialized contact lenses, there is an educational society focused on providing education to both patients and fitters about scleral lenses, and there is also a […]

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What’s so SPECIAL about SPECIALTY contact lenses?

Have you ever been told one of the following? Your prescription is too high for contact lenses. You have a corneal disease or condition that will not allow you to wear contact lenses. You have had eye surgery, so contact lenses are no longer an option. Your eyes are too dry for contact lenses. If […]

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Night Armor-Combat Dry Eye In Your Sleep

Many dry eye patients often discontinue contact lens wear due to discomfort or end-of-the-day dryness. If you find your eyes feeling tired or irritated or find yourself unable to wear contact lenses for a full day, consider corneal refractive therapy (CRT) lenses. Soft contact lenses disrupt the tear-film, leading to ocular surface dryness and lens […]

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Dry Eye In The Blink Of An Eye

With the use of digital devices at an all-time high, the effects of screen time on dry eye disease can literally be summarized in the blink of an eye. Blinking serves as a form of protection-it is our body’s way of naturally cleansing our eyes of debris. It also leads to the production of new […]

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Severe dry eye disease that is chronic and unresponsive to first and second-line treatments can lead to keratopathy, or damage to the corneal surface. Amniotic membranes, tissue derived from the inner-layer of the fetal membrane, contains anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that promote corneal healing. A temporary, suture-less graft is applied to the corneal surface- similarly […]

Do Your Eyes Feel Worse In The Morning?

If you suffer from dry eye, you may have noticed that your eyes feel worse in the morning, despite a good night’s rest. You’d think it’d be the opposite, but there are actually a few reasons why this is so. (hint: read on to find out!) Nocturnal Lagophthalmos I bet you didn’t know many people […]

The 5 C’s to Change Your Makeup Routine

Dry eye disease affects women much more commonly than men, and if handled improperly, daily makeup routines can exacerbate symptoms. Let’s flip that negative into a positive. Grab your mascara wand and eyeshadow, beautiful ladies –here are the 5 C’s on how to combat dry eye and SAFELY wear makeup. Keep it CLEAN– Always remove […]

Blepharitis and Dry Eye

Blepharitis is an inflammatory eye disorder that can affect people of all ages, at varying severities. It is caused by bacterial overgrowth or skin conditions, like rosacea. It leads to red, scratchy, irritated eyelids with flakey, dandruff-like scales accumulating along the eyelashes. More severe and/or chronic cases can lead to lash loss, fluctuating vision, eyelid […]

SummerEYES’d: Your Summer Travel Dry Eye Guide

Planning a summer escape? The doctors at Bellaire Family Eye Care have collectively visited Florida (Dr. Voss), The Grand Canyon (Dr. Tucker), Yellowstone National Park (Dr. Moore), and Los Angeles (Dr. Kazmi) this year, alone! The song goes-“summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” Unfortunately, the dry airplane cabins, change in environment, new climates, and altered […]

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