Daily vision vlog convergence

Daily Vision Vlog: Accommodation Exercise

Jonathan Cruz, Director of Sports Vision Training at Xtreme Vision, discusses accommodation and why that visual skill is important to athletes. Accommodation is the eye’s ability to shift focus from objects at different distances. The sports vision trainers at Xtreme Vision Sports Training have state-of-the-art technology to help both amateur and professional athletes improve sports […]

Daily Vision Vlog: Digital Usage and Focusing

Digital device usage is at an all-time high for older children and young adults due to virtual learning combined with social media use. In today’s vlog, Dr. Voss discusses how this can affect your eye’s focusing skill. For example, after you have been on the computer for a while, and you look up at something […]

Dr. Kazmi Houston Dry Eye Specialist

Daily Vision Vlog: Relax Your Eyes

Dr. Kazmi explains why a certain type of eye mask is good for your eyes. This special eye mask, also known as a warm compress, is good for preventing dry eye symptoms and giving your eyes a chance to relax after long hours on a computer screen. This warm compress can be placed in the […]

Daily Vision Vlog: Optometrist Approved Children’s Activities

Dr. Moore recommends different fun, inexpensive activities for children to do during downtime. Each of the following activities is also good for eye health too: 1. Legos & Blocks 2. Puzzles 3. Mazes 4. Where’s Waldo? 5. Eye Spy Books 6. Spotted Game 7. Play-Doh For information about Vision Therapy, visit: To learning more […]

Dr. Voss Houston Optometrist

Daily Vision Vlog: Retinal Anatomy & Blue Light

Dr. Voss teaches our viewers retinal anatomy and how our eyes work to filter out different light that can be harmful to your eyes. Blue light can cause eye strain which is why students doing virtual learning might be noticing issues with their eyes during this time. The great thing about our eyes is they […]

Peripheral Awareness Exercise

Daily Vision Vlog: Peripheral Awareness

Jonathan Cruz, Director of Sports Vision Training at Xtreme Vision, discusses peripheral awareness and why that visual skill is important to athletes. Peripheral awareness is the ability to see objects and moving targets that are not in your central line of vision. This is an important visual skill for athletes to have because they need […]

Dr. Voss Houston Behavioral Optometrist

Daily Vision Vlog: Convergence Insufficiency

Today Dr. Voss discusses convergence insufficiency and how it impacts students. Convergence insufficiency is an eye condition that affects 10-15% of people and worsened when using digital devices. It is a condition where the eyes easily get fatigued and lose their alignment when doing up close work. Symptoms can include fatigue with reading, eye strain, […]

Dr. Ashley Tucker Contact Lens Specialist Houston

Daily Vision Vlog: Tips for Contact Lenses During Virtual Learning

Dr. Tucker gives our subscribers tips for contact lenses during virtual learning. It is very important to have a stable, healthy tear layer. A tear layer is a layer of tears sitting on the outside of the eye. The tear layer is especially important when wearing contacts because it has to lubricate both the eye […]

Daily Vision Vlog: Laptop Positioning for Older Students

In today’s vlog, Dr. Voss discusses laptop positioning for older students. While studying at a table or a desk is best, most older students prefer studying in a less formal set up. For example, a lot of older children prefer leaning on a couch or lounging in bed, with their laptop propped on their knees. […]

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