Steps To Help Prevent Diabetic Eye Diseases

Steps To Help Prevent Diabetic Eye Diseases

A diabetic patient is at a very high risk of developing eye diseases especially glaucoma and cataract, there is, however, ways to keep your eyes safe during your diabetes. Follow these simple steps: Visit Your Optometrist Once or twice a year, it is highly recommended that you visit your eye doctor for a detailed check-up. […]

Ocular Migraines Symptoms Causes and Treatment

Ocular Migraines: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Ocular migraines are non-permanent, visual disturbances that can have an effect on either one or both of your eyes. Such migraines are usually painless and will sometimes lead to blindness in one eye for a short time usually less than an hour. It is a rare problem, and researchers suggest that its symptoms will manifest […]


What is Blepharitis Blepharitis is an inflammatory disease of the eyelids caused by an accumulation of biofilm along the lid margin. Do I Have It? Common symptoms include dryness, itching, crust or debris flaking, and scratchy eyes. Some patients don’t experience any of these these symptoms however and are in the advanced stages of blepharitis […]

Eye Workout

Yes you can work-out those eyes! Try these moves on your lookers the next time you need a break from the fatigue and overuse of your eyes. Look left to right – keep your head in place, facing straight ahead, and look with your eyes only all the way left and hold for three seconds. […]


Macular Degeneration

If you or a loved one has macular degeneration, you know how frustrating it is. There is no cure and causes are environmental and genetic. There are habits recommended by The American Macular Degeneration Foundation that can help ensure healthy eyes. Do not smoke Eat fruit and plenty of leafy green vegetables, such as kale […]


Suntan Lotion For Your Eyes

You put suntan lotion on your skin when you go out in the sun for the day, right? Well if you believe that suntan lotion protects your skin from harmful UV, you should be putting on blue light-blocking eyeglass lenses when at the computer! Blue light is the wavelength that is adjacent to UVA, they […]


How To Improve Your Habits to Healthy Eyes in 2017

We are constantly using our eyes – work, school, watching T.V., reading a book… When we are relaxing we are still using our eyes.  So take time to improve your habits to healthy eyes. Eat foods that are good for your eyes…Important vitamins, minerals & antioxidants found in foods can strengthen your eyesight. To mention a […]


Specs 4 Us

Specs 4 Us is a frame line designed to accommodate and fit the features of children and adults with Downs Syndrome, as well as, other individuals with unique facial features. This innovative eyeglass design includes a bridge which is adjusted to properly fit a low nasal bridge and temples (or “arms” of the glasses) which […]


Digital Eye Strain and Blue Light

What’s the Damage? According to The Vision Council report, 65% of Americans now suffer from digital eye strain, which is characterized by dry and irritated eyes, blurred vision, headache, and neck and back pain. Furthermore, recent research indicates that prolonged exposure to the blue light emanating from digital screens may result in serious eye health issues, […]


A Thankful Thanksgiving

With all of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s not very often that I have the opportunity to truly reflect on all of the wonderful people in my life and all of the amazing opportunities that have been strategically put in my life’s journey. During this Thanksgiving season, I am especially thankful for […]

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