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Blepharitis and Dry Eye

Blepharitis is an inflammatory eye disorder that can affect people of all ages, at varying severities. It is caused by bacterial overgrowth or skin conditions, like rosacea. It leads to red, scratchy, irritated eyelids with flakey, dandruff-like scales accumulating along the eyelashes. More severe and/or chronic cases can lead to lash loss, fluctuating vision, eyelid swelling, and irreversible destruction of essential glands responsible for tear production and maintenance. With this description, it should come as no surprise that blepharitis is a primary contributor to the evaporative form of dry eye disease.

There are two forms of blepharitis: anterior, which occurs at the base of the eyelashes, and posterior, which occurs along the inner edge of the eyelid margin (where the lid meets the eye). Both forms can be treated with warm-compress massage and lid scrubs (available in-office) at home. This a maintenance treatment that requires adherence to a daily routine.

In cases involving greater severity or poor compliance to daily regimens, BlephEx®(Rysurg), an in-office alternative is available. This gentle and thorough treatment cleanses and exfoliates your eyelids and lashes, often immediately relieving related symptoms. Quarterly treatments are often sufficient to maintain the overall health of your tear glands.

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Aamena S. Kazmi, OD
Therapeutic Optometrist
The Dry Eye Doctor at BFEC

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