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Best Rx for the Eyes – Go Outside!

Eye Health HoustonThere’s nothing better for your eyes than to be outdoors; and summertime, although hot, is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors.  Whether walking in the neighborhood, swimming, hiking, playing baseball, going for a run, or enjoying water time at a lake or beach, our eyes love open space.  While indoors, our eyes use certain muscles too much and others not enough.  When we are outside, our eyes can relax and gaze at much farther distances and span larger areas.

Fatigue is almost never an issue outdoors unless we don’t have our correct prescription on or we’re in the sun and not protecting our eyes.  Good sunglasses are essential for outdoor time since the UV rays from the sun cause cataracts and contribute to macular degeneration.  They also help prevent skin cancers that occur around the eyes where sunscreen is hard to apply.

No matter the time of year, I recommend a minimum of one hour of outside time for everyone per day.  It’s good for the eyes and soul!

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