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25 Years of Practice for Dr. Ann Voss

My staff of 20 treated me to a celebration of my 25 years in practice yesterday with a surprise luncheon, gifts, flowers, and recollections from the past 25 years. I am truly grateful to have my amazing teams from Bellaire Family Eye Care and the Vision Learning Center to serve and work with on a daily basis. I love my profession. To see the joy on a child’s face when new glasses are placed on them for the first time, to watch a volleyball player regain depth perception after a head injury, to listen to the pride of success from a 4th grader finish reading a whole book over a weekend because he loved the book, to help a young man gain independence again from being fit with special contact lenses allowing him sight he’s never had before, or to treatment persistent double vision in a architect who couldn’t compete his work….it’s such a privilege to be part of people’s lives. When vision is functioning normally in our lives as it is meant to, we can forget about it’s importance. Yes, I know I’m biased, but vision is what drives movement. Vision drives language. Vision tells us what another is thinking or feeling. So, its been an honor and privilege to see thousands of people over the years and to help them the best I can have their best vision possible. I look forward to 25 more years, God willing!